Application Procedure


We uphold strict entry requirements and select candidates who have the personal qualities to succeed and to become leaders in the global hospitality and tourism industry. When considering candidates for admission, we look at the profile of the applicant, taking into account academic records, experience, extracurricular activities, test scores and recommendations.

The three-step application process below includes required documents and fee payment information.

For students outside of the European Union, further visa application information is listed below, including wait times and advanced payment details.

The Application Process


You need to submit the documents:
1) Student Application Form duly signed
2) Copy of First Degree Qualification - Certificate and Transcripts
3) Evidence of English Proficiency
4) Motivation Letter
5) Curriculum vitae
6) Work reference letters
7) Copy of Passport
8) Proof of Address - utility bill or bank statement

Download the application form here.Note the application is not fillable online. To fill it in, you need to download the form to your desktop to fill it in off-line and save it.

Download the CV instructions and CV templates.

Copies of official documents are accepted however original documents may be requested. Missing documents will be noted on the provisional letter of acceptance. Information about any missing documents should be given to the admissions office at the time of application. Original documents must be submitted upon arrival to the school during the enrolment week.

NB: All documents must be translated into English and stamped by an official translator. They must be emailed with a cover letter to

The admissions office considers potential students’ full profile including academic records, personal motivation, work experience (if any), extracurricular activities and any letters of recommendation.

If the application is successful and the requested course is still available, the Unconditional Offer will be sent within one week. The advance payment must be paid within 10 working days:

Enrolment fees (non-refundable): GBP 250 for EU students and GBP 500 for non-EU students.
Tuition fees deposit: fifty percent of tuition fees

Full bank details will be indicated in the Unconditional Offer. If the offer is received six weeks or less before the starting date, full fees should be transferred immediately.

If the deposit is not paid on time, the place in the course is not guaranteed. If the above payment cannot be made by the deadline set in the Unconditional Offer, please contact the admissions office to request an extension.

NB: Students who don't meet the First Degree and B2 English proficiency minimum requirements may be offered a Conditional Offer. The condition of the offer for applicants who don't have first degree will be that the applicants pass the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). Those applicants are usually mature students with extensive industry experience equivalent to a first degree. The APL process may be subject to additional fees. For those students who don't meet our minimum English proficiency requirement may be asked to attend on online interview or on our campus if available in Milan on the date of the interview. There is no additional fees for the interview.

The Letter of Acceptance and visa-related documents will be issued upon receipt of the advance payment. This letter and the documents payment are necessary to apply for the student visa (if required).

The balance of the school fees must reach the school’s account upon visa issued. For EU students this has to be no later than 6 weeks before the course start date or as outlined in their offer. .

Once a place is confirmed, students will receive detailed information for arrival at the school. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions office.

N.B: The school reserves the right to modify the application procedures when necessary. Applicants will be notified immediately should any changes take place.

Visa Application

In most countries students have to submit a student visa application at the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. The visa can take up to 12 weeks to process. The local representative (if applicable) will also have full details of the visa application procedures.

Students will need the letter of acceptance and other documents issued by the school to apply for their visa.

Neither the school nor its representatives have any jurisdiction over decisions concerning visa applications. All decisions are made by the relevant Italian authorities.

Visa Collection

At the earliest students can collect their visa 10 days before the start of the course.

Advance Payment

Italian authorities may require advance payment of the full tuition fees in some countries in order to process a visa. Contact the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate for more information.


EU, EEA, Swiss, British and British overseas territory nationals do not need a student visa to study in Italy.
Our admissions team will be happy to help answer any of your queries. Fill in the form below or email us on