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What is the Student Experience?

The student experience encompasses many aspects of academic and intellectual development; social and emotional life; and the growth and refinement of cultural, political, sporting and artistic interests.

We aim to ensure that all of our students have an exceptional and distinctive experience while at UET. From applicant to alumni we prepare you for life beyond your studies and begin a positive lifelong relationship with us.

Our Approach

At UET you will benefit from excellent teaching, both on-campus and online, and a strong academic and pastoral support framework which responds effectively to the range of individual circumstances, experience, expectations and interests.

Curricular and co-curricular opportunities include opportunities to study abroad, learn a language, and develop skills to improve employability.

When leaving UET, you should be equipped with the expertise and graduate attributes needed to achieve your full potential within the global community.

What you can expect

Community: We will sustain, support and create multiple communities within which our students can learn and develop.

Engagement: We will ensure that our students engage with their studies and with the many opportunities available within and outside UET through which they can develop graduate attributes and employability.

Support: We will offer you timely and helpful support, pro-actively and reactively in order that they can fulfil your potential.

Feedback: We will provide you prompt and useful feedback

Recognition: We will support and recognise good teaching practice

Key Themes for Enhancement

You have opportunities throughout your time with us to reflect on and evaluate your experience of academic life and other services at UET. We learn from you and respond to your voice to ensure that we maintain a high quality learning experience. We gather information from you in many ways, for example, through staff-student liaison committees and surveys.  The insights drawn from multiple sources help us to understand and reflect on your experience and to prioritise where our investments should be made when seeking to develop new initiatives and make enhancements to current services and provision.

Listening to Your Voice

Learning Experience

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