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A hospitality MBA that equips you with the skills and knowledge from the best academics and professionals from the field.

This Master of Business Administration or MBA (Global Hospitality and Tourism) is good for: graduates who wish to further their study, those who wish to become entrepreneurs and start their own hospitality and tourism business, those switching from other industries, and those wishing to advance their career and assume more senior roles or join global organisations. The Master of Business Administration or MBA (Global Hospitality and Tourism) focuses on problem solving, data analysis and decision making, strategic planning and leadership development.

The curriculum has been developed by top international, experienced and expertise from academia and the industry. The Master of Business Administration or MBA (Global Hospitality and Tourism) programme includes lectures, seminars and tutorials covering various functions for global businesses e.g. marketing, finance, investment, research and development, and organisational behaviour. It contains two important practical elements: internship and capstone project.

Why Study this Programme?

Example profile of students pursuing the Master in Business Administration or MBA (Global Hospitality and Tourism) programme:

Example Student Profiles

On completion of the MBA (Global Hospitality and Tourism) programme, it is expected that you will be able to pursue careers in numerous areas including:

Career Prospects

Programme Structure



Employers include: tour operators, travel agencies, tourist boards and destination management organisations, hotel and resort companies and properties, consulting firms, airlines, and ski and spa resorts.



Examples of capstone projects include: international product launches, office openings in multinational locations, global surveys of potential customers, improvement of complex global hospitality processes or start-up of own hospitality and tourism enterprise.

Key Features of the Master of Business Administration or MBA 
(Global Hospitality and Tourism)

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Global Hospitality & Tourism

This programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to work in global, multinational and international hospitality and tourism organisations including tour operators, hotel chains, airlines, consultancies, and governmental, inter-governmental and public organisations. These organisations operate at various levels in the global business arena. They are constantly seeking foreign market entries, international alliances and networks, joint ventures and acquisitions. They develop global strategies and structures, and govern and manage global businesses. They manage cultural diversity and operate in various environmental contexts. They design and implement global marketing and branding strategies. They manage foreign exchange exposure and risk, access international financial markets, manage international portfolio investment, and monitor financial performance of global operations. They monitor global trends and seize opportunities such as the sharing economy, industry consolidation, equity, debt and emerging financing platforms, outbound investment from Asia, the rise of select service, condominium hotels, millennial travel preferences, global taxation, among others.

Become a Global Hospitality and Tourism Professional.