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As a private university college, Unité d’Enseignment du Tourisme (“UET”) upholds strict entry requirements and selects candidates who have the personal qualities to succeed at UET and to become leaders in the global hospitality and tourism industry. When considering candidates for admission, our admissions department looks at the profile of the applicant, taking into account academic records, experience, extracurricular activities, test scores and recommendations.

Once you submitted our Student Application Form (click to download) and required documents, we will contact you to arrange for an interview with you for an initial compatibility assessment. This assessment allows us to learn more about your profile and your interests. The compatibility assessment will either take place by Skype or phone. If everything goes well, we will make you an unconditional or a conditional offer in case you still need to complete your documents and completing other enrolment requirements.  Before you apply, you must read (1) the Declaration Statement and (2) the Student Contract.

Initial enquiries and Student Application Forms should be submitted by email to: admissions@uet.international or by standard mail to Via Boscovich 55, 20124, Milano, Italy.

Application Deadline

UET has a rolling admissions policy, applications are processed as soon as they are submitted. Students can receive confirmation of their admission throughout the year. Please allow enough time for yourself to request and obtain a visa.

How to Apply